Anime Ganbare Goemon (アニメがんばれゴエモン?) is an anime television series based on Konami's best-selling video game franchise Ganbare Goemon. The series was produced by Trans Arts, aired from 1997 to 1998, ran for 23 episodes, and 5 volumes of videos were released on VHS and DVD. It was eventually picked up in North America for an English dub done by ADV Films under the name Legend of the Mystical Ninja.


The Demon Lord Makamuge intends to conquer both the game world and the real world, and it's up to Goemon and his friends to prevent this from happening.



Episode title Release date
1 I'm the Goemon of Justice!

Japanese title: Oira ga Seigi no Goemon Dei! (オイラが正義の ゴエモンでィ!)

October 4, 1997
2 City in Bloom, City in Boom!

Japanese title: Hana no Oedo wa Oosawagi Dei! (花のお江戸は 大サワぎでィ!)

October 11, 1997
3 Stadium Panic!

Japanese title: Stadium ga Panic Dei! (スタジアムが パニックでィ!)

October 18, 1997
4 Zanpan Loves Eating Weird Stuff!

Japanese title: Zanpan wa Getemono Kui Dei! (ザンパーンは ゲテモノ食いでィ!)

October 25, 1997
5 A Big Arrest in Ninja Village!

Japanese title: Ninja Mura de Ootorimono Dei! (忍者村で 大トリモノでイ!)

November 1, 1997
6 I've Had Enough of a Jam-packed Train!

Japanese title: Manin Densha wa Korigori Dei! (満員電車は コリゴリでイ!)

November 8, 1997
7 It's Camping, It's a Bear and It's a Fire!

Japanese title: Camp Da! Kuma Da! Yamakaji Dei! (キャンプだ!クマだ! 山火事でイ!)

November 22, 1997
8 I'm a Bodyguard for a Selfish Idol!

Japanese title: Wagamama Idol no Youjinbou Dei! (わがままアイドルの 用心棒でイ!)

November 29, 1997
9 Dad Fights in the Name of Justice at the TV Station!

Japanese title: Televi Kyoku de seigi no punch Dei! (テレビ局で正義の パンチでイ!)

December 6, 1997
10 The Sweet Diet is the Evil Trap!

Japanese title: Amaai diet wa aku no wana Dei! (あまーいダイエットは 悪のワナでイ!)

December 13, 1997
11 Santa Claus is a New Villain!

Japanese title: Santa Claus wa atarashii akutou Dei! (サンタクロースは 新しい悪党でイ!)

December 20, 1997
12 The Theme Park is Full of Girls!

Japanese title: Theme park wa gal darake Dei! (テーマパークは ギャルだらけでイ!)

December 27, 1997
13 An Avalanche Rushes Down on the Ski Resort!

Japanese title: Ski jou wa oonadare Dei! (スキー場は 大ナダレでイ!)

January 10, 1998
14 They Stole our Time! Everyone is in Chaos!

Japanese title: Jikan ga nusumarete daikonran Dei! (時間が盗まれて 大コンランでイ!)

January 17, 1998
15 They Stole our Time! Everyone is in Chaos!

Japanese title: Dekkai Geejitsu ga Ooabare Dei! (でっかいゲージツが 大暴れでイ!)

January 24, 1998
16 A Big Explosion at the Robot Exhibition!

Japanese title: Robot Haku ga Daibakuhatsu Dei! (ロボット博が 大爆発でイ!)

January 31, 1998
17 A Chocolate Panic on Valentine's Day!

Japanese title: Valentine wa Choco Panic Dei! (バレンタインは チョコパニックでイ!)

February 2, 1998
18 I Don't Want to Eat Devil's Food!

Japanese title: Akuma no Ryouri wa Mappira Dei! (悪魔の料理は マッピラでイ!)

February 21, 1998
19 Jealousy is a Rice Cake You Can't Eat!

Japanese title: Yakimochi wa Kuenee Mochi Dei! (ヤキモチは 食えねえモチでイ!)

February 28, 1998
20 A Noisy Machine Drives Everyone Nuts!

Japanese title: Souon Machine de Furafura Dei! (騒音マシンで フラフラでイ!)

March 7, 1998
21 It's a Runaway Super-Express!

Japanese title: Buttobi Bousou Tokkyuu Dei! (ブッとび 暴走特急でイ!)

March 14, 1998
22 The Vastness of Space is in Danger! (Part 1)

Japanese title: Dekkai Uchuu ga Taihen Dei! (Zenpen) (デッカイ宇宙が 大変でイ! (前編))

March 21, 1998
23 The Vastness of Space is in Danger! (Part 2)

Japanese title: Dekkai Uchuu ga Taihen Dei! (Kouhen) (デッカイ宇宙が 大変でイ! (後編))

March 28, 1998


  • Shounen no Hane (1st Opening) (Episodes 1-12)
  • You're Mine (2nd Opening) (Episodes 13-23)
  • O.K! O.K. (Ending) (Episodes 1-23)

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