Colon is a character in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. He was a member of the Flake Gang, the elite commanders of the Peach Mountain Shoguns.


Colon, along with his partners (and probably siblings) Baron, Sharon, and Poron, was a member of the Flake Gang, the elite commanders of the Peach Mountain Shoguns, and as such he was under direct orders of Spring Breeze Dancin' and Kitty Lily.

He was put in charge of kidnapping children with dancing talents from all over Japan in order to forcibly enlist them to their ranks. For this effect, he took control of Koryuta, a boy who had the ability to transform into a flying dragon, by using the Control Machine, a device which allowed him to remotely control the dragon boy. However, after struggling through the skies while riding on top of the dragon, Goemon and his friends succeeded in destroying the machine, freeing Koryuta from Colon's mind control.

He later set Dharumanyo, a giant robot, to fight against the heroes, but once again they succeeded in destroying it, thwarting Colon's plans a second time.


Colon, as usual with the other three Flake Gang members, is an androgynous character who wears a rather flamboyant circus-like outfit. His head is almost bald (or possibly shaved), fashioning a large curl on its center which covers one side of the face.

His skin is pale-white, giving him the appearance of wearing theatrical makeup, and also wears bright red lipstick and eye shadow along with pitch-black mascara, which all in conjunction gives him the appearance of a traditional circus clown.

His main color scheme is pink.


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