The Devil Death God (極悪非道メカ デヴィル死神 Gokuaku hidō Meka Devuiru Shinigami?) is a boss in Goemon's Great Adventure. It is a giant mecha in the shape of a skeleton wielding a scythe that is summoned by Dochuki.


The Devil Death God is an Impact boss that is fought in Area 5. It is a giant mecha that is summoned by Dochuki through the use of a pentagram (in the overseas version a sickle is used instead). He wields a large scythe, has big spiked iron balls for hands, and his body is protected by what appear to be plaques modeled after a samurai armor.

His attacks include:

  • Approaches the player and strikes them with his scythe.
  • Launches his retractile spiked iron balls at the player (these can be punched in midair for 10 coins).
  • Summons three will-o'-the-wisps to aid him in battle.
  • Stabs either Impact or Miss Impact with his scythe and then tosses them at the other robot.
  • Summons the "ghost" of Bis maru Elegant to temporarily fight the player.

His attack power is the strongest of all the Impact bosses and he has a high durability at 6,666. However, his defense is low and he receives twice the amount of damage than the other mechas.


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