Dr. Mudanashi is an antagonist in the Anime Ganbare Goemon series. He is the second main villain to appear in the show (he never makes an appearance in any of the games). He constantly has a "hives" problem, where anytime he sees waste he tends to get hives all over his body and has to itch it.


Although Mudanashi does not suffer from suicidal thoughts like his precedent, Harakiri Seppukumaru, he does however believe he has "hives" anytime he sees waste, although Protein says this problem is only in his head. This is never proven nor denied. He also has anger issues.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

  • Protein: Mudanashi happens to get angry at Protein and often regrets making him the way he is; although at times he seems to get along fine with him. Mudanashi tends to find lots of "waste" with how Protein does things or how big his muscles are.
  • Lord Makuamuuge: Mudanashi tends to fear Makuamuuge, and as a result, most of the time he stays loyal to him.
  • Yoko: In other words, Tsukasa's mother. Mudanashi falls in love with Yoko and finds her very attractive. He does, however, set these feelings aside in the final episode due to his fear of Makuamuuge.
  • Monoshiri: Mudanashi has apparently met or heard of Monoshiri (in one episode, he mentions him even when they have never been seen together before this event). He says that Monoshiri is not a good inventor.
  • Sugagiri: Mudanashi treats the four Sugagiri almost as slaves.
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