Now, let's go folks! Let's roll through the missions like we're crazy!
~ Emon • 5

Emon • 5 (エモン • 5 Emon • 5?) is a character in the Otomedius series. He is one of the first characters presented in the original Otomedius and the only male character in the game.

He is based on Goemon from the Ganbare Goemon series, and was voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.


Emon • 5 was replaced by Arnval after he went missing in action during a mission. His wingwoman, Emon • 8, blamed the Angel Squadron for this, and trying to avenge him, attacks them in Otomedius Excellent.



  • Emon • 5 was the first male playable character to appear in the Otomedius series.
  • His personality is very similar to that of the original Goemon, although he speaks too much in old, folkloric language, which often results in humorous conversations when addressing other members of the Angel Squadron.
  • The "5" in his name translates from Japanese to "go", thus resulting in "Emon • Go", a variant of "Goemon".
  • Emon's background music themes are based on the Thunder Cross / Space Manbow series, such as "Aquarium", "First Attack", "Great Battleship", and "Skywalker".
  • He was originally intended to appear in Otomedius Excellent, but was ultimately canceled due to collision detection issues.

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