Chapter 1: Karakuri Castle Edit

Narrator: It is the Edo Period in Japan. A mysterious group of bandits calling itself "The Black Ship Gang" appears on a black ship in Greater Edo Harbor, and begins commiting indiscriminate thefts. Theri evil, however, will not go unnoticed by these four...

Goemon: Blast that rotten Black Ship Gang! They're commiting indiscriminate thefts!

Sasuke: This really doesn't sit well with me!!

Ebisumaru: Say what you like, but they always stay out on the water.

Yae: No problem! The Black Ship Gang has another hideout in the hills. A search of it may reveal a clue to their activities!

Goemon: OK, then! Ebisumaru! Sasuke! We're gonna teach the Black Ship Gang a lesson!

Ebisumaru: Well, then, where do we start?

Goemon: Where else? Right here!

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