Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki (がんばれゴエモン ゆき姫救出絵巻?) is a soundtrack album released featuring all music pieces from The Legend of the Mystical Ninja.

Track listingEdit

  1. Goemon Marching Song (Title Demo)
  2. The World's Bounciest Duo (Opening)
  3. Partners in Crime (Map Demo)
  4. Lost Town Travelling (1st. <Bright> BGM)
  5. Misty Ghost Town (1st. <Dark> BGM)
  6. Mysterious Crumbling Temple (1st. Action BGM)
  7. Rod & Eggplant (Bonus BGM)
  8. Ghost Appearance! (Monster BGM ~ Boss BGM)
  9. The Cat's Grudge (1st. Demo BGM)
  10. Welcome Here (Maze Hut Shop BGM)
  11. Where are We? (Maze Hut BGM)
  12. Meshinosuke Yorozuya (General Store, Food Shop BGM)
  13. Resume of Lies (Part-Time Job Hut Shop BGM)
  14. Whacked (Whack a Mole BGM)
  15. Sorcery's Secrets (Plastering BGM)
  16. Let's Do It Cheerfully (Oni Extermination BGM)
  17. This That Garden (Omi BGM)
  18. Sorry There (Merchant BGM)
  19. Heiji's Room (Guardhouse BGM)
  20. Gipsy Old Man (Fortune Telling BGM)
  21. Stretched, Stretched (Gambling Hut BGM)
  22. Oo-Edo Travel (Travel Agent BGM)
  23. Done! (Stage Clear BGM)
  24. Goemon's Solitary Journey (2st.BGM)
  25. Fashionable Soap (Bath, Inn Shop BGM)
  26. Good Night... BABY (Inn BGM)
  27. Dance, Hyottoko Army (Bon Odori BGM)
  28. Gallant Savior (2st. Demo BGM)
  29. Tears Bridge - Sorrow Bridge (3st.BGM)
  30. Heave-ho Device Island (Device Island BGM)
  31. Clerk's Ambition (Racecourse Shop BGM)
  32. Horse's Temptation (Racecourse Select BGM)
  33. Konami Prize Contest (Racecourse BGM)
  34. Well Earned (Racecourse Profit BGM)
  35. Nervous Breakdown (Picture Matching Shop BGM)
  36. Rendezvous For That (Picture Matching BGM)
  37. Revealed Truth (Mystery BGM)
  38. Prize Present (Prize Present BGM)
  39. Gamer Island (Arcade BGM)
  40. Air Battle BGM from Gradius (Gradius Air Battle BGM)
  41. Gradius 1st. BGM (Gradius 1st. BGM)
  42. Boss BGM from Gradius (Gradius - Boss BGM)
  43. Ping-Pong-Pang (Ping-Pong BGM)
  44. Initiation (Ping-Pong Clear BGM)
  45. Black Soy Beans Please! (4st.BGM)
  46. Naughty Assistant Instructor (Dojo BGM)
  47. It's a Good Bath (Public Bath Shop BGM)
  48. No More Black Soy Beans (4st. Action BGM)
  49. Ok! Yae (4st. Clear BGM)
  50. Iga's Chestnut (5st. BGM)
  51. Iga's Kabamero (5st. Action BGM)
  52. Old Man's Sigh (5st. Clear BGM)
  53. Welcome (6st.BGM)
  54. So You Ain't Going? (Exhibition Hut Shop BGM)
  55. Night's Butterfly (H-Showtime BGM)
  56. Ebi's Laugh Time (Exhibition Hut Ebisu Show BGM)
  57. Excuse Me (Informer BGM)
  58. Smile Bossa Nova (Travel Diary Agency BGM)
  59. High-Mid-Low (Lottery Shop BGM)
  60. Device Jumbo (Treasure Shop BGM)
  61. Du-mb (Dumb BGM)
  62. Peaceful Death (Game Over)
  63. Input It, Ok? (Password BGM)
  64. Hello There (6st. BGM)
  65. Boss of Puberty (Mid-Boss BGM)
  66. A Man's Towel (7st. BGM)
  67. Izumo's White Mirror (7st. Clear BGM)
  68. Welcome (8st. BGM)
  69. Burning Thieves (8st. Action BGM)
  70. Momentary Happiness (8st. Clear BGM)
  71. o-Edo de SWING (9st. BGM)
  72. Dyamond Head (9st. Action BGM)
  73. Case Closed With This (Ending Demo)
  74. Port City Blues (Ending Captions)
  75. Goemon Ondo
  76. Goemon Goes to Town

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