Gorgeous My Stage is a song in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. It is performed by Spring Breeze Dancin' and Kitty Lily, with their minions providing backup vocals in an elaborated musical number, to Goemon and his friends before the final Impact boss battle of the game.



Mayoeru kohitsuji-tachi yo
Saa miru ga ii my stage
Oh, gorgeous my stage
No ni saku bara
Amai kaori
Futari tsutsumu melody (sweet memory)
Yume no tsuzuki kon'ya wa
Oh, gorgeous my, my stage


All you sheep in search of a shepherd
Look up to my stage
Oh, gorgeous my stage
Like a rose that blooms in nature
That sweet scent
Melody to surround us (sweet memory)
As our dream continues tonight
Oh, gorgeous my, my stage


Gorgeous My Stage

Gorgeous My Stage

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