Kashiwagi (戦国カブキロボ カシワギ Sengoku Kabukirobo Kashiwagi?) is the second boss in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. It is a giant robot owned by Baron.



  • Kabuki hand: Typical kabuki attack made with a hand. It will cause Impact damage for 60 oil units. The hit can be avoided with a strong punch or something more powerful.
  • Wooden slap: Kashiwagi uses his wooden "shields" to attack Impact twice. Every hit damages Impact for 40 oil units, they can be prevented with a strong punch or something more powerful.
  • Standard projectiles: The kabuki robot raises his arms and throws four black projectiles for a damage of 20 oil units each. These can be stopped by hitting them with light punches.
  • Umbrella projectiles: The enemy displays a sort of wings and makes a flight in front of Impact. After the artistic performance, four or five black umbrellas float toward the screen. They cause 20 oil units of damage each. They can be stopped individually by hitting them with light punches, or with all at once with a well-timed super punch.
  • Power of kabuki flowers: Kashiwagi raises a pink wall made of flowers and summons an image of itself also made of pink flowers. The pink kabuki will try to hit Impact using the "wooden slap" technique for three or four times. If Impact's power is full, the player may release a laser ray that will free them from the pink wall and hurt Kashiwagi at the same time, causing it a damage of 400 hit points.



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