Kinemon (遠山金衛門 Tōyama Kin Emon?) is the main antagonist and one of the final bosses in Ganbare Goemon: Tōkai Dōchū Ōedo Tengu ri Kaeshi no Maki.


The magistrate of Oedo town, he changes his personality depending on the position of his face. After hearing of the existence of a group of impostors were the ones that committed the crimes that Goemon and Ebisumaru were accused of and condemned for, he orders the ninja duo to apprehend the impostors to be clear of all charges.

In reality, he is the mastermind behind all the events of the game. Angry at the fact that by belonging to a lower caste family he could never be promoted to a higher position, Kinemon planned to conquer Japan with the power of the tree mystical items. To that end, he posed as "Sakura-san" and convinced Admiral Peruri that by retrieving the three mystical items, Japan would open its borders. He sent Goemon and Ebisumaru behind their impostor so they wouldn't meddle with his plans.

After being exposed as the true culprit, he was defeated and apprehended, but no before claiming that he would return someday to exact revenge.

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