A new model of Impact recently created by the Wiseman, but virtually indistinguishable from Goemon Impact in terms of capabilities. Apparently created to resemble Omitsu, but Omitsu herself seems to loath to recognize the fact.
~ Goemon's Great Adventure instruction booklet

Miss Impact is a female counterpart to Goemon Impact. She seems to be modeled after Omitsu, similarly to how Impact is modeled after Goemon. Like the original Impact, she was made by the Wise Old Man.

She first appears above Edo Castle in flight mode and transforms into a humanoid form.

Impact has feelings for her, much like how Goemon has feelings for Omitsu. So far, her only appearance was in Goemon's Great Adventure, so the result of their relationship is unclear.

In the "Impact" stages, Player 2 controls her.

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