The belle of Ragtag Town of Oedo, where Goemon and friends reside.
Works as a waitress, not to mention its cover girl, at "Mitsuya".
~ Goemon's Great Adventure instruction booklet

Omitsu (おみっちゃん O Mitchan?) is the local belle of Edo who works at the local tea shop. She is basically Goemon's girlfriend, although he is scared of her due to her rather fiery temper and tendency to attack him. She is also a constant target of foes. Omitsu also tends to get very jealous if Goemon is caught talking to another woman for any reason. According to the anime series, she is the granddaughter of Monoshiri and prepares ohagi that fuels Goemon's power to fight his enemies, although this was never needed for Goemon in the games.


A girl very similar to her appeared in some early games, starting from Ganbare Goemon Gaiden: Kieta Ōgon Kiseru, with her artwork sometimes also appearing in the instruction booklets. This girl (or girls) is possibly an early version of the current Omitsu. In The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, a girl going by the localized name of "Ramona Kamona" in the English instruction booklet, appears in the first level. She gives $50 if touched or takes away $100 if hurt.

Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shōgun Magginesu marked Omitsu's first appearance where she was appropriately named. In later games, she is known for providing food to Goemon and his friends. She appears to be quite popular in Edo, as in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, many men comment on her attractiveness.

Omitsu is usually quite cheerful, although she gets easily worried and tends to feel sad and lonely when thinking of the many dangers Goemon and his friends often put themselves into. Ironically, she can be very mad when angered, such as when it appears Goemon is flirting with other girls.

In the anime, her special ohagi is the only thing that provides enough power for Goemon to blow the Triton Shell, which makes Impact grow to full size, although her food was never needed for Goemon to do this in the games.

She owns a tea shop in Edo (changed to a coffee shop or a restaurant in some localizations).

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