Otomedius is a side scrolling shooter by Konami which featured personification of space fighters from various Konami games. The main characters are females, designed by Mine Yoshizaki, with a set of equipments resembling space fighters from the side-scroller games by the same company GradiusXexexSalamander and Parodius. The name is a pun, being a portmanteau of the terms "otome" (meaning "maiden" in Japanese) and "Gradius". The arcade version makes use of Konami's E-amusement service to store player's data. It was first shown at AOU 2007 and later released on October 15, 2007. A port called Otomedius Gorgeous was later on released for the Xbox 360 in November 20, 2008 in Japan.

Emon • 5 is the only male playable character.

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