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Taisamba 3 (魅惑のマーメイド たいさんば 3 Miwaku no Māmeido Taisanba 3?) is the third boss in Goemon's Great Adventure.


After escaping the rising water and spiked ball, Goemon and company find themselves at the top of the castle face to face with a recently emerged Taisamba.

In order to damage Taisamba the player must destroy the rope structures on the platforms. After destroying all of them, two things may happen: a giant pot falls from the ceiling and lands on Taisamba's head, or two logs will come from the sides, crushing it's face. They both do the same amount of damage.

Once Taisamba is defeated, it reemerges in the pool, taunting Goemon and friends before diving down the bottom of the sea. This will automatically start the boss battle Taisamba 4.


  • Ball Shoot: Shoots a ball at the player.
  • Electrify: Electrifies the water around the platforms.
  • Sonar Beam: Shoots a beam of rings as it spins clockwise or counter-clockwise around the platforms.

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