• Hey LaVey. I have a question. Do you notice something odd with the enemy article I created. Well I mean I went to spriters resource to look for pictures of enemies but then I saw to pictures. One was called Bucket Thrower which I just created, it was just a picture of a girl. The second one was called Enemy 01 and it is a picture of a strange blue organic dragon. I mean this is strange. If you don't believe me go to spriters resource about Ganbare Goemon 3 and you'll see what I am talking about

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    • Those are probably recent rips as I believe they weren't there the last time I visited that page. Probably there are only two enemies because the author may still be in the process of ripping the rest.

      About their names, from experience and by talking with people who work there, many times the names provided in that site are not official; they may either be internal names within the game's files or simply made up.

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