Tumble and Tilt are a pair of bosses in The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, both apparently being the same individual under two different forms. Tumble appears midway through Warlock Zone VIII and Tilt as that area's end boss.


A bizarre-looking being with big eyes, a malicious stare, and bearing a big mustache who appears under two different forms:

Tumble is encountered as a miniboss midway through Warlock Zone VIII. He appears as a six-pieces giant Daruma Otoshi doll (a traditional Japanese stacking toy) who attacks by launching the pieces that conform his body at the player. The head is his weak spot; in order to reach it, the player can step on the other pieces of his body. The head is destroyed after sustaining three hits, at which point the highest remaining piece becomes a new head. This pattern repeats until only one piece remains, which ends up escaping the battlefield and the level continues.

Tilt appears at the end of the level as that area's boss. The player starts the battle on a hanging platform where Princess Yuki is being held captive. Tumble then emerges from the bottom balancing on a flimsy pole and grows two large arms, each ending in a giant spiked ball. He cannot be harmed by normal means; the trick to defeat him consists in hitting his head to make him spin around and manage to make one of the spiked balls to hit and destroy the pole he is standing on, ending the encounter.


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