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A self-proclaimed "Clockwork Inventor Extraordinaire".
None too wise when it comes to pretty girls.
~ Goemon's Great Adventure instruction booklet

The Wise Old Man (物知りお爺さん Monoshiri Ojīsan?) is a recurrent character in the Ganbare Goemon series. He is an inventor and, as his name implies, is one of the greatest creators in Edo, as he builds many admirable devices, including Sasuke and Impact.


A brilliant genius of clockwork machines who lives deep in Iga. Although a good fellow, the Wise Old Man is also a big pervert. This trait was bowdlerized for the North American release of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, however; instead of collecting hentai magazines, he collects car magazines (the Mystical Ninja starring Goemon anime series, however, still depicts Monoshiri as a flirtatious girl-crazy old man). He is depicted as a very short man but wears high heeled wooden geta to make him appear taller.

He enjoys chasing and looking at young women, looks at pictures of women in magazines, and a few of his inventions were built for aiding him get a closer look at them. In the non-Japanese versions of the games, however, he never mentions this, and his magazines are replaced with car magazines. He still retains these habits in the translation of the anime.


Sasuke: A robotic ninja that first protected the Wise Old Man. In a misunderstanding, he attacked Goemon and Ebisumaru. Now friends with them, he is a playable character in many games. In the anime, he is also designed to take pictures of young women, as he seems to attract women.

Goemon Impact and Miss Impact: Gigantic, friendly robots modeled after Goemon and Omitsu. When Goemon and his friends must face giant threats, they are summoned, and Goemon and his friends control them to fight the menace.

Time machine: Used in Ganbare Goemon 3 to travel through time. Originally designed to chase young women in the future.

Super Gorgeous Ghost Machine: Created to revive dead people. Bismaru stole it to revive Dochuki, Prince of the Underworld.

Transporter: Used to transport characters in the game world to the real world.

Miracle Transport Machine: This "miracle" invention happens to be nothing more than an old, fuse-operated cannon that will send their occupants to their destination... most of the times.

"Cutie Detector": In the anime, used to take pictures of attractive women while shouting "Cutie alert!". It has some bugs, as it identified Tsukasa as a "cutie".

"Robo Tengu"